Nail Care

IBX Nail System

Intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating.
Also used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.

IBX Repair is applied specifically to targeted damaged areas including splits, peeling and free edge delamination.
Acts like “double-sided sticky tape” to seal damaged areas together.

£12 for first treatment – £10 for additional treatments

Classic Manicure

Nails are filed and shaped followed by cuticle work. Relaxing hand massage and optional polish finish.


Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed whilst allowing the nail to look immaculate.
It is a healthy nail system that will not chip or damage your nails – protecting and strengthening the natural nail in the process.
Maintenance every 2-3 weeks. Soak off is complimentary with maintenance.

Bio Sculpture Manicure – £25
French finish – £30
Soak off – £10

Peeling treatments Including Dermalux LED Light Therapy

30 minutes – £56

Microdermabrasion Including Dermalux LED Light Therapy

30 minutes – £56

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